Medicine, Health and the Arts in Post-war Britain

'Medicine, Health and the Arts in Post-war Britain' was a series of Wellcome Trust-funded interdisciplinary seminars designed to bring together undergraduate and postgraduate students, early career academics, health practitioners and arts therapists to explore the post-war relationship between medicine, health and four art forms: art, music, literature and drama.

Building on the success of the event 'From The Cradle to the Grave: Reciprocity and Exchange in Medicine and the Making of the Modern Arts' held at the University of Exeter in April 2011 and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the main premise of the seminar series is that the relationship between medicine, health and the arts can only be understood by examining the processes of exchange between them.

Each individual seminar comprised of three speakers and began with an introductory overview, followed by a 'case study' of the post-war impact of the art on medicine/health/wellbeing and another paper which was a 'case study' of the reverse.

Seminars were held at St. Nicholas Priory, Exeter (with the exception of 16th March at Bristol University) and took place on the following dates:

  • Friday 3rd February 2012, 6.15pm-8.45pm (Art)
  • Friday 16th March 2012, 2:30pm-6pm (Literature, Bristol)
  • Tuesday 1st May 2012, 6.15pm-8.45pm (Music)
  • Friday 25th May 2012, 6.15pm-8.45pm (Drama)

Seminar posters

Poster for art seminar (PDF)
Poster for literature seminar (PDF)
Poster for music seminar (PDF)
Poster for drama seminar (PDF)