Devon County Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

Getting Into and Out of the Asylum and Mental Hospital: Admissions, Discharges and the Impact of Treatments on the Mentally Ill, c 1850–2000

15–16 September 2011

This two-day workshop, which has come out of a two-year project on mental health and returning patient care, aims to explore the experiences of in-patient treatment, including the journeys into and out of the mental institution, in a broad geographical range. It seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the significant changes in the care for the mentally unwell the past century has witnessed.

The workshop will bring together a wide audience, including scholars at different stages of their careers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, clinicians, and guardians of medical records. Thus, we hope to open up a dialogue between the research community, medical practitioners, and the archives.

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