Centre seminar series

The Centre for Maritime Historical Studies hosts a series of internal seminars each term, with a variety of speakers from within and outside the University. Everyone is welcome to attend these seminars. Please also see the list of past seminars.

Forthcoming research seminars

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20 February 2019

CMHS Seminar: Professor Stephen Conway, ‘The Royal Navy and the American Revolution’

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13 March 2019

CMHS/CIGH seminar: Sujit Sivasundaram, ‘The Age of Revolutions and Empire in the Indian and Pacific Oceans’

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20 March 2019

CMHS Lecture: Professor Paul Kennedy

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8 May 2019

CMHS Seminar: Josep San Ruperto, ‘Mediterranean entrepreneurs in the first global age: networks, personal trajectories and circulation in the 17th century’

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