Cornwall's Maritime Churches Project

Cornwall's Maritime Churches | Eglosyow Morek Kernewek 

This is a youth engagement project targeted at University and Sixth Form students between the ages of 16-25 and local Cornish Parish Communities.The whole premise of the project is to pursue extensive research of important Coastal Churches in Cornwall, that hold a significant amount of myth and authentic ‘maritime’ history for the local communities. This research will involve interactive sessions with the local communities, holding ‘memory evenings’ and partaking in ‘oral histories’ (recorded interviews of local people and their memories of their churches) to overall gain stories and the personal relationships that the local people have with these buildings.

The second stage of research involves the collecting and studying of written documents and old photographs associated with Cornwall’s Coastal economy with a particular emphasis on stories of religion, piracy, smuggling, fishing and boatbuilding. The ultimate output of the project is to produce an online, interactive map that will engage not only young children, but students and local communities alike. This would create a unique resource freely accessible on the Internet that would enable people of all generations to have a greater awareness of these historic churches as an important element of their local heritage. Please sign-up to the Project Newsletter here.

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Victoria Jenner
Garry Tregidga
Becky Orchard

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