Landmark Travels

In April 2015 the Institute of Cornish Studies obtained £36,600 of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Cornwall Heritage Trust and other sources for a project entitled 'Landmark Travels: our past in a suitcase' that will focus on the cultural significance of heritage landmarks throughout Cornwall. This community-based study is being delivered in partnership with Storylines and the Cornwall Heritage Trust. Through a series of study sessions, workshops, and oral history recordings, 'Landmark Travels' will unearth the stories, traditions and histories connected with heritage landmarks throughout Cornwall. Every community will have a landmark, whether natural or man-made, and with it often a longstanding history within the immediate locality, relating to important events, cultural developments and significant personalities. They provide a uniqueness that local people can identify with through local stories and experiences.

The project will engage people of all ages, including students, community members, local experts and primary school children. These groups will explore, document and celebrate local landmarks and their place within the community, with a focus on 6 selected landmarks and the communities that they are situated in. The history of these sites varies, allowing us to use landmarks to trace and explore our heritage through different time periods, in relation to a wide variety of subjects, relating to both our built and intangible heritage.

Selected Landmarks

  • Luxulyan Valley and Treffry Viaduct
  • Dupath Well – near Callington
  • Carn Euny – near Sancreed
  • Carn Grey – near St Austell
  • Wadebridge – the bridge and Trevanion Culverhouse

Landmark Travels is part of a cultural landscape programme at the Institute that aims to explore Cornwall's 'Sense of Place' by mapping identity at the local level. Through a series of community-based workshops it seeks to collect photographs and oral histories of people and place at the micro level. If you have memories or knowledge of landmarks in Cornwall or would like to find out more about the project, please email Sarah Chapman or Garry Tregidga.