Centre staff

Centre Director
Professor Fabrizio Nevola Chair in Art History and Visual Culture
Centre Staff
Professor Pascale Aebischer Professor (English)
Dr Niall Allsopp Lecturer in Early Modern Literature (E&R)
Professor Jonathan Barry Professor (History)
Professor Jeremy Black Professor of History (History)
Dr Jonathan Bradbury Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies
Dr Dario Castiglione Associate Professor (Politics)
Professor Emma Cayley Associate Professor of Medieval French (Modern Languages)
Dr Nandini Chatterjee Senior Lecturer
Dr Freyja Cox Jensen Senior Lecturer
Dr James Davey Lecturer in Naval and Maritime History
Professor Karen Edwards Professor (English)
Dr Silvia Espelt Bombin Lecturer in History of the Americas pre 1860
Professor Henry French Professor (History)
Professor Maria Fusaro Professor (History)
Professor Marion Gibson Director of the Flexible Combined Honours (English)
Professor Nick Groom Professor (English)
Dr Felicity Henderson Senior Lecturer in Archives and Material Culture
Dr Adam Horsley Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Elliot Kendall Senior Lecturer (English)
Dr Camille Mathieu Lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture
Professor Christopher McCullough Emeritus Professor of Drama (Drama)
Professor Nicholas McDowell Professor of Early Modern Literature and Thought (English)
Professor Andrew McRae Professor (English)
Professor Jane Milling Head of Drama, Professor in Drama (Drama)
Dr Ayesha Mukherjee Senior Lecturer (English)
Dr David Parry Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Tawny Paul Senior Lecturer in British Economic and Social History, 1700-1900
Professor Melissa Percival Professor (French, Art History and Visual Culture) (Modern Languages)
Professor Henry Power Professor (English)
Dr Chloe Preedy Senior Lecturer in Shakespeare & Renaissance Literature
Professor Hugh Roberts Professor of French Renaissance Literature (Modern Languages)
Dr Laura Sangha Senior Lecturer (History)
Dr Hester Schadee Lecturer in European History, 1450 - 1750
Professor Philip Schwyzer Professor (English)
Professor Sara Smart Associate Professor (German) (Modern Languages)
Professor Jane Spencer Professor of English (English)
Dr Helena Taylor Lecturer in French (Modern Languages)
Professor Sarah Toulalan Associate Professor (History)
Dr Charlotte Tupman Research Fellow in Digital Humanities
Dr Richard Ward Lecturer in Digital History
Professor Jane Whittle Professor of Economic and Social History (History)
Dr Nicola Whyte Senior Lecturer
Dr Elizabeth Williamson Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Digital Humanities
Professor Ulrike Zitzlsperger Associate Professor (Modern Languages)
Associate Staff
Professor Malcolm Cook Emeritus Professor of French (Modern Languages)
Emma Wilby Honorary University Fellow (History)