Early Modern Reading Group

The Early Modern Reading Group is an informal, interdisciplinary community of postgraduate students and members of staff who meet every two weeks to discuss a short text. Our purpose is to share short, stimulating, often strange texts, and it is simply a great opportunity to put aside your usual research and engage with something totally different. We usually run seasonal specials with an appropriate text.

At the beginning of the year the committee arranges the texts for the first few meetings, but then it is down to the readers to suggest interesting texts and topics for the forthcoming sessions. We encourage everyone who attends to nominate a new text and lead their session with some brief, introductory remarks.

This term meetings take place every other Thursday evening at 5-6pm. If you are interested in coming along, then please contact the postgraduate organiser Sarah-Jayne Ainsworth (sa479@exeter.ac.uk).

Examples of previous texts

William Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Act I
Anon, The noble tryumphant coronacyon of quene Anne (1533)
The Londoners Lamentation (1666)
William Clarke, The Restless Ghost (1685)
Thomas Nashe, Choise of Valentines (1592/3)
Dyer, A Study to be Quiet (1647)
Ben Jonson, Christmas Masque (1616)
Isaac de la Peyrère, Man before Adam (1656)
Ferdinando Nicolls, The Life and Death of Mr. Ignatius Jurdain (1640)
John Donne, An Anatomy of the World (1611)
Anon, Old Womans Legacy to Her Cat (1695)
Anon, The Womans Champion (1662)
William Browne, On a dream (1625)
Pietter Le Loyer, A Treatise of Spectres (1605)
Anon, The Cuckolds Dream: or, the Comical Vision (1690)
Leonhard Culmann, Sentences for children, English and Latine (1658)
Excerpts from Thomas Isham's diary (1671-3)