Recent and Forthcoming Early Modern Events

Autumn Term 2021

Please note - the programme this term contains a mix of online and hybrid events, see below for details. If you would like to join our mailing list for reminders and links to online meetings, please email

Gareth Roberts Memorial Lecture 2022: Claire Preston (QML). Wednesday 26 Jaunary, 5pm. Online.

CEMS & Centre for Maritime Historical Studies Joint Seminar: Laurence Publicover (Bristol), 'Fathoming the Deep: Navigation, the Seabed, and Early Modern English Tragedy'. Weds 9 February, 5pm, Online and Forum Seminar Room 10.

Early Modern Futures Reading Group. To join the reading group please email Wednesday 16 February, 3.30pm. Online via Teams.

CEMS & Centre for Medical History Joint Seminar: Karen Harvey and Emily Vine (Birmingham), 'Social Bodies in English Letters, 1680-1820'. Wednesday 2 March, online and in person.

Nicholas Smolenski (Duke University & Exeter Visiting Fellow 2021-22), 'Hearing Architectual Sketches: Historiographical Approaches to Acoustical Analysis in Early Modern Cathedrals'. Wednesday 16 March, 3.30pm, online and Harrison 209.

Lukas Erne (Geneva & Gareth Roberts Visiting Professor), 'Mediating Shakespeare: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Editorial Agency'. Wednesday 23 March, 3.30pm, online and in person.

CEMS & Classics and Ancient History Joint Seminar: Noreen Humble (Calgary), 'Reading Xenophon in the early modern period: who and why'. Monday 28 March, 4.40pm, Online & Building One: Matrix LT.