Historic map of Calcutta, 1842

Associate Dean of Research visits Calcutta to explore avenues for multi-disciplinary collaboration

Professor Andrew Thorpe, Associate Dean of Research and Knowledge Transfer, has recently returned from an exploratory visit to India to develop research links with the University of Calcutta and the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta.

Professor Andrew Thorpe, the lead on the College of Humanities International India Strategy, travelled to the University of Calcutta to consolidate research links with Vice-Chancellor and fellow historian, Professor Suranjan Das who visited Exeter in the summer of 2013.

In addition to meeting senior members of staff at the University of Calcutta and members of Calcutta’s Department of History, Professor Thorpe delivered a lecture on ‘The British Left and India, 1918-1947’, attended a national seminar on revolutionary nationalism and met with postgraduate students. The University of Calcutta was ranked the second best university in India by the India Today University Rankings 2013.

Whilst in Calcutta, Professor Thorpe was also delighted to visit Professor Lakshmi Subramanian at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, a postgraduate interdisciplinary research centre. As part of this visit, Professor Thorpe delivered a guest seminar on the British Labour Party.

Professor Thorpe comments, “This was an incredibly positive trip for the College of Humanities, we achieved everything we set out to and more besides. Developing relationships with India is important for our college, and also the future of top-class universities in this country. This trip to explore relationships in Calcutta has taken this to a new level.”

Date: 3 March 2014

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