Imperial Federation map of the world showing the extent of the British Empire in 1866.

The Imperial and Global Forum: a new blog for the Centre for Imperial and Global History

The Centre for Imperial and Global History has a new blog, The Imperial and Global Forum. The Centre brings together the strong research expertise of the University’s eminent imperial and global historians.

The new blog offers a dynamic exploration of imperial history. Contributors will tackle the controversies of empire and globalisation, past and present. The site also includes a series of podcasts which are available to listen to for free.

The Centre for Imperial and Global History is one of the largest research groups in the UK working on the history of modern empires and their importance for understanding the making of our contemporary world.

In recent years, historians have begun to find their voice, tracing the connections formed by peoples, practices, commodities and ideas in motion, and undertaking global comparisons of the world's polities, cultures and regions. In Britain, there is a palpable wider public interest in the country's imperial past and its current place in the world. Understanding how the world came to be connected – and the challenges as well as opportunities that this has posed – sparks the curiosity of researchers and the public alike.

The Centre studies the histories of imperialism and globalism in relation to one another and exists to showcase the quality of Exeter’s research in this field. It aims to increase research income, build collaborative links with colleagues and other institutions, attract high quality postgraduate students and to supervise new doctoral research.

The Centre comprises of fourteen members of staff from the History Department at the University of Exeter. The diversity of research interests ranges from law and cultural exchanges in the British and Mughal empires, to the history of nomadic societies and desert environments; and from African gender histories, to the history of labour and trade unions in the British Empire. Blog contributors to date include Professor Andrew Thompson, Centre Director and Chair in History, Professor Richard Toye, Dr Gareth Curless, Dr Marc-William Palen, Dr David Thackeray and Dr Nandini Chatterjee.

To find out more, please visit the blog and the website of the Centre of Imperial and Global History. To keep up to date with the Centre’s latest news and events, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Date: 17 December 2013

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