Professor Richard Overy at the inauguration in Salzburg

Historian selected to join major European think-tank

Professor Richard Overy has been inaugurated as a new member of the prestigious European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The membership is both recognition of his academic achievement as a historian and an opportunity to collaborate on European initiatives with other scholars.

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts brings together over 1200 scientists and researchers, philosophers and artists from Europe, Asia and the USA, including 25 Nobel Prize winners to discuss current issues. The Academy focuses on interdisciplinary discussion across specialist areas, ideologies and scientific cultures as well as promoting transnational dialog and visionary developments of new scientific knowledge and academic thinking. This has resulted in a networked ‘think tank’ on ethical and scientific values in a society that is increasingly fragmented.

As an “independent knowledge pool”,the Academy aims “to debate and work on contemporary topics across disciplinary and national borders, for the good of those living and working in Europe”. The uniqueness of the Academy of Sciences and Arts lies in its ability to work across boundaries for the aesthetics of science.

Professor Overy was in Salzburg earlier this month for his inauguration. He sees the academy as an opportunity to build networks with other European scholars in a number of fields, particularly on the memory of the Second World War and the public history its memory has generated. Professor Overy said:"I am keen to use my membership, to cement closer ties between European countries at a time when the European Union is under growing strain."

Date: 21 March 2013

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