Everyday Life in the Soviet Union (HISM110)

30 credits

Between October 1917 and December 1991, the Soviet regime subjected its people to immense economic, social and cultural change, as well as terror, war and everyday repression. But how did these people experience the Soviet Union? What was everyday life like for 'ordinary' citizens? This module utilizes memoirs, diaries, letters, petitions, reports and more to explore the experiences of people at all levels of Soviet society. It examines how people reacted to economic change and ongoing repression, analysing the lives of those who suffered and those who prospered. Ultimately, people continued to enjoy a childhood and education, work, marry, and socialise, even if it was within a very different economic, social and ideological context than in the West. Themes will be traced across the Soviet period to examine issues of continuity and change, with a focus on case studies from particular periods, whilst there will be plenty of opportunity for students to explore their own interests in more detail.