Gender, Society and Culture in Early Modern England (HISM031)

30 credits

This module will evaluate the nature, extent and importance of gender difference to society and culture in early modern England through the exploration of a wide range of subjects that may include: theoretical perspectives on gender and history; contemporary theory about the nature and roles of men and women in early modern society; marriage and the family; the household, work and economic lives; bodies, health, medicine and sexuality; masculinity and patriarchy; the law; religion and witchcraft; class, power, government and politics. The relationships between discourses about gender and the historical evidence about men and women's lives in the period will be explored both through reading in the extensive secondary literature of gender, women's history and masculinity as well as through the study of primary sources such as wills, court records, advice books, popular literature (ballads and pamphlets, for example), medical books, diaries and personal memoirs.