Literature, Culture, and Politics in Early Modern England: Sources (HIH3624)

30 credits

The Tudor and Stuart period was a golden one in English literary achievement.  It was also one in which major poets and dramatists were involved in, or engaged with, political events to a greater extent than ever before, thanks to significant changes in structures and technologies, not least of which was the advent of print. In this module, you will explore the relationship between literary developments and the political changes occurring in this era of Renaissance, Reformation, and Civil War, through the study of texts by authors such as More, Shakespeare, Jonson, and Milton.  You will consider their lives and influences, as well as the texts they produced, and relate the writings to their historical contexts; and you will investigate the shifts in the history of reading and print culture that shaped how the texts were received.  You will also be encouraged to read more widely in the literature of the period and to consider the historical changes which the literature of the period illuminates or reflects.

This module is especially suitable for students with an interest in interdisciplinary studies, combining as it does the study of history, literature, and politics.  Students taking this module will also be required to take the module, Literature, Culture, and Politics in Early Modern England: Context.