The Great War: A Comparative History: Context (HIH3411)

30 credits

This module examines the Great War from cultural, social, economic and military perspectives. It will allow you to explore the conflict (and the conflicts which surrounded it – known as the ‘Greater War’) from different thematic and geographical approaches. You will move away from a British and Western-Front-centric approach to consider this as a truly global conflict. This module utilises a ‘total historiography’ to consider this ‘total war’. This comparative perspective plays a crucial role in this exercise allowing us to consider such questions as: Did the nations face variants on the same problem or substantially different problems? Were they pursuing similar strategies or fundamentally different ones? You will utilise a wide variety of sources including letters, diaries, official and military documents, films, posters, literature, poetry, and ephemera to explore the war from the perspectives of both decision-makers and the civilians and soldiers who lived through it. These will be drawn from different combatant nations and will be available in translation.