Nazism on Trial: Context (HIH3284)

30 credits

Using Nazi trials, including the Nuremberg Trials of 1945-1949 and the Eichmann Trial of 1961, you will explore the investigation and prosecution of the Nazi regime, in particular the genocide of European Jews.   Using sources from the trials as well as the history of the Third Reich and the Holocaust, you will examine the trials as legal events which helped form the memory of Nazism in post-war Europe, including court cases involving Holocaust deniers.  You will look at the changing legal and historical emphases places on institutions or atrocity sites, including Auschwitz and the crimes of the German Army.  It is not necessary to have previously studied the history of Nazism or the history of war crimes trials.  The co-requisite module - HIH3283 Nazism on Trial: Sources – will provide complementary focus on the a number of historical sources.