Churchill and the Empire, 1874-1965: Context (HIH3256)

30 credits

This module examines Winston Churchill's attitude to the British Empire in the context of the experiences and opinions of his contemporaries. You will investigate whether his opinion that 'the maintenance of the enduring greatness of Britain and her Empire' should be taken entirely at face value.  You will address attitudes that he seized on matters relating to the Empire when he thought they would be of use to him politically, and neglected them at other times. By the end of his career it was clear that the Empire was in decline, you will focus on the nature of Churchill's imperialism to illuminate the development - and ultimate collapse - of the Empire. This module will provide the context for the detailed study of the sources and material that you will examine in the co-requisite module, HIH3255 Churchill and the Empire, 1874-1965: Sources.