Colonial Conflict and Decolonization 1918-1975: Context (HIH3251)

30 credits

This module will analyse the conflicts and pressures – social, economic, cultural and political – that contributed to European withdrawals from empire in the half century after the First World War. You will concentrate on four centres of European colonial power: North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. You will question the parts played by Europeans and indigenous peoples in shaping the course of decolonisation. Key issues addressed include the role of organised colonial nationalism in decolonisation, the importance of empire in European politics and culture, and the development of colonial conflicts after 1945. Concepts of decolonisation, the colonial state, transfers of power, and neo-colonialism will be explored through case-studies. This module will provide the context for the detailed study of the sources and material that you will examine in the co-requisite module, HIH3250 Colonial Conflict and Decolonisation 1918-1975: Sources.