Colonial Conflict and Decolonization 1918-1975: Sources (HIH3250)

30 credits

 In order to investigate a number of key themes - including imperial policies and colonial living conditions; popular imperialism in French and British politics and culture; forms of colonial nationalism; and wars of decolonization - this module will use a variety of primary and secondary sources to study late European colonialism and anti-colonial protest. You will study written records including published government documents, military reports from French and British colonial territories, as well as diplomatic and colonial government correspondence. You will be provided with full translational support for those documents which originate in French. Oral testimony, memoirs, colonial novels, and political party documents will also be studied. Visual sources relating to government propaganda, colonialism in advertising motifs, political posters and film will also be used. You will be asked to consider the reliability and histriographic value of the different sources and, in particular, to explore the manner in which interpretations of empire and colonial conflict have been represented within particular social, political, and cultural contexts. The co-requisite module HIH3251 Colonial Conflict and Decolonisation 1918-1975: Context will provide the background.