Everyday Stalinism: Life in the Soviet Union, 1928-53: Sources (HIH3187)

30 credits

Stalin’s rule over the Soviet Union is one of the most studied aspects of modern history and has generated fierce debate and a lot of literature on issues such as terror, collectivisation, industrialisation and the nature of Stalinism itself. In this module we will move beyond this ‘traditional’ way of exploring Stalinism to focus on the experiences of Soviet citizens in this era of extraordinary upheaval, violence and repression. The fact remains that despite the social and political turmoil of the era, people continued to fall in love, to have children, to go to school and even rebel; but how did these everyday experiences and rites of passage function under what has traditionally been seen as a totalitarian regime that regulated all aspects of life? And what was life like for those who fell afoul of the Stalinist system?