The Spanish Civil War: Context (HIH3181)

30 credits

In this module you will be introduced to the Spanish Civil War and its background.  Concentrating on the period 1931-1939, you will look in depth at what is arguably one of the most divisive and bitter conflicts of the twentieth century.  You will investigate political and military affairs as well as the important international, cultural and socio-economic aspects of this struggle. Key issues will include the establishment and failure of democracy in Spain, the nature of the war, the development of the two opposing sides, the reasons for Republican failure and Nationalist success, the impact of foreign powers and the internationalism of the conflict, and the rise of the Franco regime as the war's outcome. This module will provide the historiographic context for the detailed study of the sources and material that you will examine in the co-requisite module, HIH3180 The Spanish Civil War: Sources.