Crime, Deviance and Punishment in British Colonial Africa, 1900-60: Context (HIH3153)

30 credits

This module will examine the social and political history of British colonial Africa between 1900-60 through an analysis of crime, deviance and punishment in the region. You will explore how European understandings of crime and deviance among Africans shaped colonial governance, and how the law and punishment were central to colonialism. Crises of moral and political authority in colonial states will be examined through case studies. You will investigate changes and tensions in African societies through their attitudes to the crimes and 'native customs' that were broken, and also through the evidence of their daily lives which is revealed through court records. The module will also cover historical theories of crime and punishment, from Durkheim to Foucault. The co-requisite module - HIH3152 Crime, Deviance and Punishment in British Colonial Africa, 1900-60 (Sources) – will complement your study with sources which highlight the complexity of colonial and African societies.