Crime, Deviance and Punishment in British Colonial Africa, 1900-60: Sources (HIH3152)

30 credits

In this module you will examine a wide variety of sources related to the study of crime, deviance and punishment in British colonial Africa between 1900-60. The sources will highlight the complexity of colonial and African societies, and their responses to social deviance and disorder which in turn will enable you to reassess the historiography of British colonialism in Africa. The sources used will include trial transcripts, legal, administrative and police reports, Colonial Office files, Commissions of Inquiry reports, newspaper reports, prison memoirs, and novels. You will examine representations of African ‘criminality’ and disorder by taking a critical approach to analysis of legal texts, government documents and memoirs. The co-requisite module - HIH3153 Crime, Deviance and Punishment in British Colonial Africa, 1900-60 (Context) - complements your knowledge with a close analysis of the modern historiography of both the period and the subject.