Life in an English Village: Earls Colne Essex 1450-1750: Sources (HIH3137)

30 credits

This module focuses on life in a single village in early modern England, for which every surviving record has been published. These records (typical of most English parishes) provide an unrivalled insight into the realities of daily village life.  You will be introduced to first-hand evidence illustrating many of the debates in social and economic history in this period. You will be exposed to this subject, through the medium of sustained documentary research. You will evaluate and critique the balance between qualitative and quantitative interpretations of the source material. The co-requisite module - HIH3138 Life in an English Village, Earls Colne, Essex, 1450k-1750: (Context) Рcomplements your knowledge with a close analysis of the modern historiography of both the period and the subject.