Civilisation and Disease 1750-2000: Context (HIH3101)

30 credits

This module focuses on the history of health, medicine and the environment since 1750. You will investigate key issues such as the links between lifestyle and disease, environmental impacts, the urban environment, heredity and the environment, and the role of medicine both in alleviating, and contributing to, disease. In addition to tracing key trends, you will also focus closely on key methodological issues within the history of medicine: the social construction of medical knowledge; historical realism; the power of environmentalism; the shifting impact of notions such as `diseases of civilisation' and `fashionable diseases'. You will be asked to focus very closely on the key themes in the history of medicine of the period and to identify areas of both continuity and change over time. This module is suitable for those from other disciplines; however you will need at least 90 credits of History at Level 1 and/or 2.  This module should be taken with HIH3100 Civilisation and Disease 1750-2000: Sources.