Civilisation and Disease 1750-2000: Sources (HIH3100)

30 credits

This module focuses on the sources available for the study of diseases of civilisation in the modern world. In particular you will examine subjects such as the `epidemiological transition'; gout; madness and civilisation; degeneration and the urban environment; infanticide; tuberculosis; asthma ;allergies; sport and medicine; literature and medicine.  You will use a range of sources, including medical journals and books, local and national newspapers, institutional records, contemporary films, government reports, and parliamentary debates.  You will be able to trace shifting patterns of disease and shifting therapeutic strategies over time as well as the notion of `diseases of civilisation'. You will critique the reliability and historical value of different types of source.  You will also explore the manner in which scientific understandings of the relationship between civilisation and disease, and between health and the environment, have been constructed within particular social, political, and cultural contexts.  This module is suitable for those from other disciplines; however you will need at least 90 credits of History at Level 1 and/or 2.  This module should be taken with HIH3101 Civilisation and Disease 1750-2000: Context.