France and Empire, 1756-1830: Reform, Revolution and Counter-Revolution: Context (HIH3014)

30 credits

The French Revolution was a pivotal moment in modern history, both within France and beyond her borders in an interconnected world of competing empires, ideas and technologies. After close study of the build up to revolution across the second half of the eighteenth century, this module tracks the reforming zeal, violent repression and armed counter-revolution that swept across France during the revolutionary decade of 1789-1799. The module will then consider the complex legacies of reform, revolution and counter-revolution that continued to shape France’s domestic and international development, first during the Napoleonic Empire and then under the Restoration of the Bourbon monarchy from 1815 until the July Revolution of 1830. No knowledge of French is required for this module, although anyone with such language skills will be given the opportunity to use them.