British Naval Power 1660-1815: Ideology and Conflict (HIH2206A)

30 credits

The overall object of this module is to understand the interaction of ideas and events in the evolution of Britain into a great naval power by the early 19th century. It will throw light on the wider development of Britain as a military and imperial state. While proceeding on chronological basis, you will consider the particular and interlinked patterns of economic, financial, constitutional, strategic and military thought that formed the basis of military power. External relationships with other European powers, as well as internal social relations - creating patterns of patronage, deference, order and deterrence, peculiar to the British naval power - will add to your understanding. The roles of personalities, personal experience and human qualities will not be neglected. But, over and above the importance of individuals, you will come to appreciate how ideas, institutions and investment in sea power determined Britain’s place in the changing order of global relationships.