India's Road to Modernity, 1707-1947 (HIH2106A)

30 credits

This module will offer an introduction to the history of the Indian subcontinent from the eighteenth century until the partition and independence of India and Pakistan in 1947. It will begin with the decline of the Mughal empire and the formation of regional states, the advent of British colonial rule, and the subsequent nationalist movements that both ended colonial rule and split the region into two (later three) countries. The module will deal with key political figures (Including Gandhi, Nehru, Azad, Jinnah and Ambedkar), their roles and ideas; social and cultural changes associated with caste, religion, language and gender relations; and the nature of the colonial state and economy. Students will be encouraged to make extensive use of Indian sources (in English language) and  engage with the key debates and trends in the historiography of modern India.