Images of Stalinism (HIH1600)

15 credits

Over the last two decades since the collapse of Communism in Russia, the emergence of new sources and the increasingly innovative work of historians have produced more complex and dynamic ‘images’ of Stalinism than was the case beforehand. The period is no longer seen purely in terms of a monolithic society under the absolute control of one individual, but as a multifaceted and constantly developing society experiencing a complex relationship with the regime. This change is partly due to newly-available written sources – archival material, diaries, memoirs, and letters – but it has also emerged from a greater appreciation of less traditional sources, from posters, film and photographs to adverts, cartoons, literature and architecture, to name a few. This module encourages you to utilize all of these sources to conduct your own exploration of one of the most turbulent and contentious periods of Russian history.