Past Actions, Present Woes, Future Possibilities: History in the Anthropocene (HIC2330)

30 credits

This is an interdisciplinary module that asks you to make direct connections between historical practice and climate change. It is as much about the future as the past, and about the role that you as both an historian and citizen can play in shaping that future. As such it asks you do something a little different from many other history modules. You will be asked to use historical knowledge to formulate judgments about current political and social priorities. You will be asked to account for the historical origins of human-influenced climatic change, and the role that history should play in responses to that change. During the module you will be encouraged to think about the ways in which you can actively create, use and share knowledge relevant to the public questions raised by the anthropocene. N.B. although we look at the history and development of climate change science, this module is not primarily about debating the science of climate change but about the social and political questions that debate raises for our practice as historians.