The Cultures of the Sciences from the Renaissance to the French Revolution (HIC2317)

15 credits

Why is science so powerful?  Why is scientific knowledge considered universal and objective?  This module seeks to answer these questions by exploration of a critical period in the development of sciences in the West from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries.  It takes a critical historical approach to some of the major events in modern British and European history including ‘The Scientific Revolution’, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution.  This module shows how a historical approach to the sciences uncovers the immense amount of work involved in establishing the authority of these enterprises.

 This module does not assume any scientific or technical understanding beyond GCSE and assessments will not require any mathematical skill.  It will be of particular interest to students who enjoyed HIC1301: World History 2: Science, Environment and Sustainability, but knowledge of this module will not be assumed.