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History in Cornwall

History at the University of Exeter is unusual in that you can choose to study in one of two locations. Studying an Undergraduate degree or Research degree at our Cornwall Campus is a uniquely rewarding experience.

As well as all the benefits you’d expect from attending a world-class university, like first-rate facilities, accommodation and a truly satisfying student experience, you can also take advantage of an intimate studying environment built on inspirational relationships with leading researchers who will guide your education and learning, all based in an idyllic, seaside setting.

A different experience

The educational experience in Cornwall, with its intimate, small-group teaching and close contact with academics, is incredibly well suited to studying History. Emphasis is on innovative learning and teaching in a flexible, personal atmosphere.

The History department is centred around an open-plan learning space for students, equipped with open-access PCs and printers. Academic staff offices all open off this central space, and the staff's 'open door' policy encourages informal enquiries and puts you in closer contact with the academics who teach you than in any other department.

We also have a dedicated commitment to public history, built through relationships with museums, galleries and schools that will equip you with the kind of real-world skills employers are looking for.

Research expertise

History in Cornwall is innovative; our dynamic department focuses on using history to understand the challenges posed by globalisation, ethnic conflict, and scientific and environmental change. We're a modern department, focused on history from 1500 onwards, and have particular expertise in:

  • Cornish History
  • Culture, Memory and Heritage
  • Landscape, Agriculture and Environmental History, c. 1500-1800
  • Oral History and Party Politics
  • British Economic History, 1900 onwards
  • Environmentalism and Environmental Politics
  • The First World War, with particular focus on the UK, Ireland and the Middle East
  • 19th-20th C. American history

As I was researching universities, having been brought up in London, I decided that I didn't just want to go to a smaller version of London; I wanted a completely different lifestyle, and that's what the Cornwall Campus gave me.
Lauren Marchant, BA History alumna (2010), Cornwall Campus