MA International Film Business induction

College welcome activities for MA International Film Business students

We hope you are looking forward to commencing your studies on the MA in International Film Business with us this September. To help you settle into the College and prepare you for your studies we have arranged a number of welcome activities for you during Freshers' Week.


Providing you have met the conditions of your offer and paid the tuition fee deposit (if required), from 26 August 2016 your subject administrator will contact you by email to provide you with the details of modules available in 2016/17 and invite you to make your module choices. Please consult the official offer letter sent to you by the University for details of your offer conditions and deposit payment. 

Freshers' Week

Our welcome sessions are designed to provide you with essential information on studying the MA International Film Business with us.

All students are expected to be on campus by Monday 12 September at the latest. If there is any reason why you may not be here by this date, please get in contact with our College Office as soon as possible. Please log your enquiry with the Student Information Desk (

Maps and directions can be found on the University's dedicated pages.

Monday 18 September
StartFinishDetails                  Location


09.45 Registration Old Library Café Area, Streatham Campus




Old Library (128/129/130), Streatham Campus



Essential Information

Essential information on studying on the MA International Film Business with the College, including aims and structure of the programme, expectations of studying at MA level, information about assessments and assignments, staff-student liaison committee

Old Library (128/129/130), Streatham Campus 
 11:30 12:15

Field Trips

Key information for the two MAIFB field trips:

• London Film Festival (TERM 1)
• Berlin Film Festival (TERM 2)

Old Library (128/129/130), Streatham Campus
12:15 13:00



Old Library Balcony, Streatham Campus
13:00 14:00

Focus on module EAFM201 Distribution and markets

Old Library (128/129/130), Streatham Campus
14:00 14:30 Introduction from INTO: support for students with English as a second language. Old Library (128/129/130), Streatham Campus
Tuesday 19 September
StartFinishDetails                  Location
10.30 10.45 Tea and Coffee Old Library Cafe, Streatham Campus
10.45 11.00 Guide to the Bill Douglas Online Database Old Library (128/129/130), Streatham Campus
11.00 12.00 Tour of Bill Douglas Cinema Museum Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, Old Library, Streatham Campus
12.00 12.30 Networking and the student experience: an introduction on how to maximise networking opportunities on the MA and chance to meet alumni officer Courtney Harmstone Old Library (128/129/130), Streatham Campus 
12.30 13.30



Old Library Cafe, Streatham Campus