Dr Debra Ramsay


Teaching is as vital to me as my research and I therefore favour approaches that enable active and collaborative learning on both sides of the classroom.  I aim to make lectures and seminars as interactive as possible, and work to create a space which enables all students to feel able to make a contribution.  I use presentation software that enables creative visualisation of concepts and that facilitates mind-mapping, to engage with both literal and lateral thinkers.  The core principle underpinning my teaching is to allow students to discover how film (and other media) might inform, challenge or create their perceptions not only of the world around them, but also of themselves.

I convene the following modules:

Major Debates in Film Theory (EAF1501)

Something to See: War and Visual Media (EAF3515)


I teach/have taught the following modules:

Shots in the Dark (EAF2502)

Introduction to Film Analysis (EAF1503)

Film Studies: An Introduction (EAS1034)

Modules taught