Dr Debra Ramsay

Research supervision

As my research profile should indicate, my interests are interdisciplinary and I am open to discussing proposals related to any of the fields I work in.  I would especially welcome candidates with interests in the following:

  • War and Cinema/The War Film
  • Memory/Nostalgia and Film
  • War and Digital Games
  • History of Digital Games
  • War and Media
  • Memory and Media
  • Generations and Cinema/Media
  • Audiences for Film and Media
  • New Media/Digital Cultures/Archives
  • Paratexts/Transmedia

I am also open to considering potential projects in:

  • Film and History/Historiography
  • Media and History/Historiography
  • Media Archaeology
  • Popular American Media

Research students

Chris Grosvenor (2nd Supervisor):

Title: Cinema on the Front Line. 


Alex Boutellier:

Title: Digital Disruption: Redefining Cinematography in the Virtual Age