Centre staff

Centre Director
Dr Felicity Gee Lecturer
Centre Staff
Dr Ranita Chatterjee Lecturer in Film Studies
Professor Sally Faulkner Associate Dean for International Development, Professor of Hispanic Studies and Film Studies
Dr Fiona Handyside Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
Professor Helen Hanson Associate Professor
Professor William Higbee Professor in Film Studies and Programme Link Manager for the London Film School Partnership
Dr Danielle Hipkins Associate Professor of Italian Studies and Film
Professor Joe Kember Associate Professor
Dr James Lyons Senior Lecturer
Dr Melisa Moore Senior Lecturer (Hispanic Studies)
Dr Debra Ramsay Lecturer
Dr Lisa Stead Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
Dr Phil Wickham Curator of the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum
Associate Staff
Professor Pascale Aebischer Professor (English)
Dr Sean Carter Senior Lecturer in Human Geography (Geography)
Dr Jane Feaver Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing
Dr João Florêncio Lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture
Dr James Griffin Senior Lecturer (Law)
Dr David Harvey Associate Professor in Historical Cultural Geography (Geography)
Dr Christine Hauskeller Egenis Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director
Dr Kate Hext Senior Lecturer (English)
Dr Sinéad Moynihan Senior Lecturer (English)
Dr Sam North Senior Lecturer (E&S) (English)
Professor Vike Martina Plock Associate Professor (English)
Dr Florian Stadtler Senior Lecturer (English)
Dr David Thackeray Senior Lecturer (History)
Dr Nicola Thomas Senior Lecturer in Human Geography (Geography)
Dr Matthias Varul Senior Lecturer (Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology)
Dr Paul Williams Senior Lecturer (English)