BA English

Programme overview


Streatham Campus, Exeter

We offer a selection of degree programmes at the Streatham Campus in Exeter. These are distinguished by the range of material that you can study, the amount of flexibility and choice that you will be given to develop and follow your own interests with the provision of modules by active researchers who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

Adopting both critical and creative approaches, the programmes seek to develop your understanding of a wide range of genres and literatures in English. Modules are taught by staff with expertise in literature from the Middle Ages to the present, in cinema throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, and in creative writing practices in poetry, prose and screen-writing. The programmes move from an initial foundation year towards greater choice and a higher degree of specialisation in the latter years. You will develop to the stage where, in your final year, what you study, how you approach it, and how you communicate what you have found are closely aligned with the practices of the research-active academics who teach you during seminars.

Our programmes in Exeter encourage you to ask challenging questions about the nature of literary and other texts. When you read Troilus and Criseyde and Jane Eyre, or watch movies such as Bicycle Thieves, you will be prompted to ask not only what they mean, but also how they make those meanings. Who were they written or filmed for? How do they compare with other works of the same or different periods? How do they relate to the historical and social conditions in which they were produced?

At the end of three years, you will have acquired a wide and detailed knowledge of English. You will also have developed into the sort of independent, self-motivated researcher who is ready for postgraduate study and for a broad range of graduate employment.