Professor Paul Young

Associate Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture


Extension: 2455

Telephone: 01392 722455

Office: Queens 312

My research interests focus predominantly upon the cultural dimensions of imperialism and globalization in the Victorian period. My first book, entitled Globalization and the Great Exhibition: The Victorian New World Order, was published as part of the Palgrave Studies in Nineteenth Century Writing and Culture Series in 2009. Building upon this work, I have continued to explore how different forms of nineteenth-century Anglophone culture can be understood with relation to the heightened global connectivity and intensified world-level forces that characterized the period. My current research project draws on ecological and imperial history in order to consider how Victorian and Edwardian adventure fiction can be linked to the global growth of Britain’s meat markets. This work opens up opportunities to engage with current debates about meat-eating in the contemporary world: The Victorians caused the meat-eating crisis the world faces today – but they might help us solve it.

In teaching terms my research interests feed directly into the third-year module Imperial Encounters: The Victorians and their World as well as the MA module Critical and Literary Theory in a Global Context.

I am currently serving as the Director of Exeter’s Centre for Victorian Studies and as the Discipline Director of Postgraduate Research for English.