Photo of Professor John Plunkett

Professor John Plunkett

Research supervision

I am interested in supervising students in most areas of Victorian literature and culture (see list of PhD students for current projects supervised). 

I am particularly interested in supervising projects on print media (in any area), shows and exhibitions, visual culture, media and technology, and popular fiction. Previosu PhD students who have gone on to publish their theses include Alice BarnabyLight Touches: Cultural Practices of Illumination, 1800-1900 (Routledge, 2016), Andrew Griffiths, The New Journalism, the New Imperialism and the Fiction of Empire, 1870-1900 (Palgrave, 2015) and Matt Hayler, Challenging the Phenomena of Technology (Palgrave 2015).



Research students

I am currently supervisor for a number of research students; I am currently first/joint supervisor for:

  • Elia Shipton, 'Postal Bodies' [DTP Funded]
  • James Downs, Ministers of ‘the Black Art’: the engagement of British clergy with photography, 1839-1914 [College Funded]
  • Charlotte White, The Life and Career of Ronald Duncan

I am currently second supervisor for:

  • Cristina Locatelli - Artworks Beyond the Gallery: Digital Mapping as a Tool for Engaging with Art.

Previous completed students include:

  • Gina Hunter, 'Economic Expansion and Geographical Affect in Mid-Nineteenth-Century British Fiction'
  • Gill Moore, From Head to Tale: The Collection, Display and Exhibition of Big-Game Material Culture 1870-1920
  • Alice Barnaby, Staging the Audience: Presence and Absence of auditorium light in spaces of theatrical exhibition (AHRC funded, 2005-2009).
  • Andrew Griffiths, "The Wildest Oriental Romance: The British Empire in the Popular Print Media, 1884-1902.' (2006-11).
  • Matt Hayler, A Philosophoanthropolegal Approach to the Written Word and its Implications for the Future of Digitised Text (2007-11).