Dr David Parry

Research interests

I have broad research interests that cluster around the intersection of literature, rhetoric, religion and intellectual history in the 16th and 17th centuries, though I have also published on 20th century figures such as Ferdinand de Saussure and Umberto Eco. I am currently writing a book entitled Puritan Persuasion: The Rhetoric of Conversion and the Conversion of Rhetoric, which explores how English Puritan writers and preachers adopt and adopt the principles of classical rhetoric for their different pastoral persuasive purposes.


My future research plans include a project provisionally entitled Rhetoric and the Quest for Wisdom in the Early Modern Period, which will use the rhetorical tradition as a framework for engaging the varied intellectual contexts of early modern Europe – political, religious, philosophical, scientific, and magical – and their intersection with writers including Erasmus, Luther, Shakespeare, Bacon, Comenius, and Milton.


I have also begun to gather potential contributors for an essay collection provisionally entitled John Bunyan in Early Modern Intellectual Context, reading the works of the author of The Pilgrim's Progress in relation to learned contexts not typically associated with the apparently unlettered tinker-preacher.

My Academia.edu profile page provides access to some of my publications and unpublished papers, and links to others that are available elsewhere on the web: https://exeter.academia.edu/DavidParry.