Photo of Dr David Parry

Dr David Parry

Public engagement

I contributed to Darkness Visible, a website introducing Milton’s Paradise Lost to first-time readers, and my article on ‘Milton’s Religious Context’ remains the top non-sponsored Google hit for ‘Milton and religion’.


I am open to invitations to speak to school, community and public audiences on topics relating to my academic work. For instance, I have recently given an invited talk on 17th century religion to A-level students at the secondary school I attended, focusing on the Nonconformist clergyman John Rastrick who was briefly a pupil of the school. I have also recently delivered a public lecture on the imaginative and spiritual legacies of John Bunyan at the historic Old Meeting House Congregational Church in Norwich.

Contribution to discipline

I am the Reviews Editor for Bunyan Studies, journal of the International John Bunyan Society, and Associate Editor of The Glass, journal of the Christian Literary Studies Group (UK). I am also on the national organising committee of the Christian Literary Studies Group, and maintain the online bibliography of Bunyan-related publications on behalf of the Bunyan Society.