Photo of Professor Nicholas McDowell

Professor Nicholas McDowell

Contribution to discipline

Professor McDowell is a contributing editor of Critical Quarterly, on the editorial board of Milton Studies and a founding member of the editorial board of Marvell Studies.

He was external examiner of the Masters degree in English (1550-1700) at the University of Oxford from 2012-15, and from 2015-19 he is external examiner of the Masters degree in Early Modern Studies (1300-1700) at Queen Mary, University of London.

He has recently examined doctorates at Royal Holloway, London (on Marvell and justice), Trinity College Dublin (on Restoration plague literature), University College Cork (on Milton and romance), the University of Leicester (on Marvell and privacy), the University of Oxford (on turncoat poets in the English Revolution), and the University of Edinburgh (on religious poetry and and state formation in the 17th-century). 


Professor McDowell has spoken on several occasions on BBC Radio Ulster on the subject of Milton and Ireland, and an extensive interview with The Guardian about Professor McDowell's career and research can be accessed here:

Topics on which he is available to provide expertise include the English Civil War; literature, politics and religion in 17th-century Britain; radical ideas in the English Civil War and the origins of liberal democracy; religion and secularism in early modern Britain and its modern legacy; the legacy of 17th-century conflict in modern Ireland; the life and works of John Milton; the Cavalier poets; Northern Irish poetry.