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Dr James Lyons

Research supervision

I am interested in considering research projects across the broad spectrum of US film and television.

Research students

Research students (completed)

Stephanie Piotrowski, 'The films of The Beatles and the development of the pop music soundtrack' 2008

Matthew Barber, 'Representing the American President in Hollywood Cinema' 2009

Gareth James, 'HBO and contemporary Television' 2011

Nick Hall, 'The development and use of zoom lenses in American film and television from 1946 to1974'  2012

Phil Wickham, 'Contemporary Comedy in Britain and the Culture of the New Capitalism' 2012

Jean Pierre Magro, 'Transmedia Film and the Independent Producer'

Adam Whybray ''Animating Dissent': The Political Object of Czechoslovakian Stop-Motion Film'


Research students (current)


Joe Hickinbottom 'Takashi Miike: The Dynamics of Cult Authorship in the UK'

Chris Davies, 'The Historical Epic on Film'

Christopher Hite, 'Italian Neo-Realist Cinema in Post War America'

Edward Falvey, 'Reading the Cinematic City: Iconography, Transformations, and the Birth of New York City'

Tom Fallows, 'Survival of the Dead”: Manufacturing Independence in the American Film Industry. An Exploration of the Political Economy of Laurel Entertainment, 1974-1988.'

Elisa Cepedal, 'A Cinema of Resistance.'