Dr Ina Linge

Research interests

I am a modern linguist and literary scholar by training. I am currently based in the English Department and at the Centre for Medical History.


More info coming soon!


Selected talks:

  • Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conference, University of Exeter (June 2017): Keynote Lecture.
  • Gender and History journal conference: Gender in Historical Film and TV, Minneapolis (May 2017): '“An endless procession of them, from all times”: Sexology, Film, and Historical Constructions of Gender and Sexuality in Anders als die Andern (1919) and The Danish Girl (2015)'
  • Psychoanalysis and History seminar at the IHR in London (Jan 2017): ‘Narrating Queer Liveability in German Sexology and Psychoanalytic Life Writings’.
  • History of Sexuality seminar, IHR, London (Jan 2016): 'Writing the Queer Self in early 20th-century Germany’.
  • History of Medicine seminar, Exeter (Nov 2015): ‘“Something Different”: Sexology and the Department Store’
  • Symposium of the Arbeitskreis Trans_It, University of Tübingen (Apr 2015): ‘Body, Name, Gender: “Trans-Investiture” in Early-twentieth-century’.
  • Queer Cultures Graduate Symposium, Cambridge (Feb 2015): ‘Livability, Photography and the Queer Body in German Sexological Life Writings’.
  • Department of Germanic Studies, University of Chicago (Jun 2014): ‘Mourning Someone Lost: Recognition of Life (and Death) in the Context of Early-twentieth-century Sexualwissenschaft’.
  • Institute of Modern Languages Research, London (Mar 2014): ‘Sexology and Autobiography: A Case Study’.
  • This Is My Body conference at Addenbrooke’s Hospital/Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), Cambridge (Nov 2013): ‘Representations of Embodiment in Early-twentieth-century Life Writings of Gender and Sexual “Deviants”’
  • Crimes of Passion conference, University of Münster (Jul 2013): ‘Hospitable Reading: An Approach to Life Writings of Gender and Sexual “Deviants”’