Photo of Professor Vesna Goldsworthy

Professor Vesna Goldsworthy


Vesna Goldsworthy was born in Belgrade in 1961 and has lived in London since 1986. She writes in English, her third language.

She obtained her BA in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from Belgrade University in 1985; and her MA in Modern English Literature (1992) and her PhD (1996) from the University of London. 

She started her working life in publishing in 1986, working as editor for Chadwyck-Healey Ltd (Cambridge) and Editions Alecto (London), then moved to broadcasting in 1990. She worked as producer and presenter at the BBC World Service for ten years. She became a full time academic, teaching English Literature and Creative Writing, in 2000.

Vesna came to Exeter from the University of East Anglia in January 2017.