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Staff profiles

Dr Sally Flint

Honorary Research Fellow

My writing and research aims to link disciplines in unexpected ways and is underpinned by my interest in socially-committed writing and the arts. I champion that reading and writing a diverse  mix of good poetry and short stories is of great benefit in all subjects, and in education at all levels.

A developing interest is connecting planetary and human health with the public through questioning the power of words. For the last few years I have investigated creative approaches to scientific writing with Met Office scientists and medical professionals at U of E. I am creative writing lead with a team aiming to get key climate messages across through poetry to promote healing the world, and move faster towards a greener future.  

I welcome the opportunity to design and facilitate innovate creative writing courses and projects and often work with a variety of organisations such as museums, libraries, schools, Devon Drugs Project, NHS, Changing Lives Through Literature. The Poetry School, with successful outcomes. I co-founded and co edit Riptide Journal, and oversee its production as part of the MA in Publishing at U of E. As an associate editor with Culture Matters I promote writing and art that questions fairness and equality across society.      

Research interests

Contemporary poetry/short stories/novels

Ekphrasis - especially links between poetry, visual arts and technology

Collaborations in the arts and community based projects

Healthcare and medicine in the arts

Climate change in stories, poetry and life writng - as a way to connect, scientists and the public

Publishing -  ensuring quality, fairness, equality and diversity


External impact and engagement

Stories connect us all, so as a writer, editor and lecturer, public engagment is a big part of what I do. I have broad experience of working with organisations and the public on creative writing projects and events.. For example, I am  creative wrting lead  with Met Office and U od E scientists on the project 'Climate Stories' looking at innovative ways to engage the public wtth the 'climate emergency'.

Other public engagement includes working with  schools, colleges, libraries, musuems, NHS. More specifically I have lead projects and creative writing sessions with  RAMM, Exetreme Imagination, Stories Connect, Story Door, Amber Foundation, Devon Drugs Project, NHS, Exeter Royal Deaf Academy, Farms for City Children, Exeter Quakers, Cygnet Theatre, Colebrooke Women's Group, to name a few; many of these projects have resulted in the publicaton of innovative collaborative writing/books. With South West Heritage I also led and facilitated community creative writng sessions as part of 'Devon Remembers' investigating the stories of living in the couinty in WWI.     

I co-founded and continue to  co-edit Riptide Journal based at the Univeristy of Exeter now in its 12th Volume  with the aim of publsihing new talent alongside estalished writers.

I design and faciitate courses with The Poetry School and I am involved in judging internatonal poety competitions too.   


I lecture and teach creative writing and English at all levels including post graduates, undergraduates, college students and schools.  I work with other organisations on  providing creative writing workshops in the community. My work as a poet and my research into ekphrasis informs my approach to teaching - ie one art can inspire another and to think beyond the frame. I am  currently working with Kaleider and Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter and Devon Heritage.  

Modules taught