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Professor Karen Edwards

Research supervision

I am happy to supervise students who wish to work on the literature of the late sixteenth and seventeenth century, especially the poetry and prose of John Milton; on early modern 'science' and natural history, especially the representation of animals; on the Bible and/as literature, especially in relationship to the early modern period; and on the political culture of the seventeenth century, especially in relation to polemical language.



Research students

Current research students:

Tessa Crossley, A Systematic Study of John Milton as a Reader of the Bible, recipient of a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

Thomas Vozar, Milton and the Sublime, started in Sept. 2017, recipient of an Exeter International Excellence Studentship

Joanne Hill, The Marprelate Tracts and the Representation of the Puritan Threat in Christopher Marlowe’s Works (second supervisor)  

Philippa Earle, Monism and Hybridity in Milton’s Literary Forms, AHRC funded, due to submit in Nov 2017

Paul Slade, Italia Riconquistata: Italy’s Role in Milton’s Early Poetic Development, due to submit in April 2018


2017 Anna Blaen, The Theory and Practice of Comic Sexual Euphemism: A Comparative study of English and French Texts, c. 1578-1623, second supervisor (20%), AHRC funded.

2012  Daniel Cattell, Polemical Shakespeares: Drama and Catholic-Protestant Controversy in the English Renaissance,  AHRC funded.

2011  Taihei Hanada, Milton and the Idea of Labour: A Study in Early Modern Political Theology, ORS funded. 

2010  Charlotte Nicholls, “Your bodies may at last turn all to spirit”: Medical Science and the Anatomia Animata in Milton's Paradise Lost, AHRB funded.

2010  Elizabeth Darnill, ‘Four-fold Vision See’: Allegory in the Poetry of Edmund Spenser and William Blake, AHRB funded.

2009  Dean Thompson, Carnal Estrangements: Melancholy and the Subtextual Body, 1485-1658, awarded School of English Renaissance Fellowship.

2009  Rosemary Beckham, Apocalyptic Empowerment, AHRB funded, co-supervision with Prof. T. Gorringe, Dept. of Religion.

2008  Roxanne Grimmett, Staging Silence: Dramatic Adulteresses and the Problems of Renaissance Morality Literature, AHRB funded.

2001 Adrian Mills, The Mediated Subject: Paul Ricoeur's Infinitely Extended Poetics (joint supervision with College of St. Mark & St. John, Plymouth).