Postgraduate research students

In English at Exeter we're proud of the research carried out by our PhD students. There are currently around 80 PhD students in the Department, many of whom maintain an online personal profile detailing their research activities. Follow the links below to find out more about them and their research projects.

Student Research title Lead supervisor
Sarah-Jayne Ainsworth Willing women: testamentary texts and the creation of female identity in the early modern southwest. Dr Johanna Harris
Muhamet Alijaj Preternatural Themes in the Writings of Catherine Crowe and F.W. H. Myers Dr Joseph Crawford
Helen Angear Thomas Hardy's Correspondents Professor Angelique Richardson
Erica Askew-Jones Deploying the Dead, 1500-1660 Professor Philip Schwyzer
Henry Bartholomew ObjectOriented Gothic? : The Supernatural, the Speculative and the Real in NineteenthCentury Gothic Fiction Professor Nick Groom
Kim Bour Can creative writing and cognitive neuroscience jointly illuminate what brings about great vividness of experience, both in life and in reading, by discovering the keys that turn the locks of perception? Dr Belinda Castles
Alexander Boutellier “Digital Disruption: Redefining Cinematography in the Virtual Age” Dr Debra Ramsay
Zoe Bulaitis The role of the academic in popular culture: the impact of fiction and film upon humanities scholarship in Britain Professor Regenia Gagnier
Peter Bunten The Life-Writings of Henry Williamson. Professor Tim Kendall
Elisa Cepedal The Cinema of Resistance: Realist Construction in European Film! Dr James Lyons
Asma Char An Investigation into the Idea of the Female Self-Concept as Represented in the Victorian New Woman Novel Professor Regenia Gagnier
Christina Clover Dr Jana Funke
Bysshe Coffey Shelley's Intermitted Song: Verse and the Limit-points of Phenomena Professor Corinna Wagner
Suzanne Conway The Subtlety of Skill: the Mastery of Edward Thomas. Professor Andy Brown
Ellena Deeley Entwined Bodies: Conjoined Twins and Bodies Politic Dr Paul Young
Hasnul Djohar Postsecularism: Negotiating Jihad, Islamophobia, Gender, and Sacred Texts in Contemporary Muslim-American Fiction. Dr Sinéad Moynihan
James Downs Ministers of the ‘Black Art’: the uses of photography by the clergy in Britain, 1839-1909 Professor John Plunkett
Helena Drysdale State of Emergency: a journey around contemporary Greece in the footsteps of George Bowen (1821 – 1899), Victorian traveller, writer and statesman Dr Daisy Hay
Gemma Edney Sounding girl, girl(y) sounds: Music and Girlhood in Contemporary French Cinema Dr Fiona Handyside
Tom Fallows “Survival of the Dead”: Manufacturing Independence in the American Film Industry. An Exploration of the Political Economy of Laurel Entertainment, 1974-1988. Dr James Lyons
Acatia Finbow An exploration of the value of performance and performative art documentation in the contemporary art museum Professor Gabriella Giannachi
Harry Ford Indigenous Shakespeare and Botanic Creation. Dr Felicity Henderson
Stephen Gallagher A pious pursuit of paradise: The patronage of secular and religious monuments by Seljukid Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I (1220-1237). Professor Emma Loosley
Ryan Gardener
James Green Nerves, Networks, and Delay: Physiology and the Sensation Novel Professor Corinna Wagner
Christopher Grosvenor Cinema on the Frontline: A History of Military Cinema Exhibition during WWI and WWII. Professor Joe Kember
Jean Harris WORK, HOUSEWORK AND SERVANTS – novels by women in the interwar years Professor Vike Martina Plock
Joanne Hill The Marprelate tracts and representations of the Puritan threat in the works of Christopher Marlowe Dr Chloe Preedy
Heather Hind Hairwork in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture Dr Patricia Zakreski
Jacqueline Hopson Exploring representations of the Psychiatrist in Modern English and American Fiction Professor Laura Salisbury
Cherie Jones ‘Sun, Sexuality & Power – The Poetics of Domestic Violence in Modern Caribbean Literature’ Dr Belinda Castles
Clara Kraft Filmmaking as a Critical Architectural Research Method Dr Felicity Gee
Alice Levick Narrative representations of American urban space from 1920-1960. Professor Jo Gill
Cristina Locatelli Exeter-Tate Digital Humanities Project Professor Gabriella Giannachi
Sally Long The writing of poetry based on the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius Professor Andy Brown
Adrian Markle This Red Right Hand: A Creative and Critical Exploration of the Age-Forced Renegotiation of the Athletic Identity. Dr Rob Magnuson Smith
Barbara Marshall Literary dialogue in the New Europe. Professor Regenia Gagnier
Kristy Martin The of women in erotic literature both as writer and object. Is it possible to own language whilst unable to 'own' the phallus Dr Jana Funke
Errol Mattera Identity and Representation of Black Masculinity and Femininity in South African Cinema after 1994. Professor William Higbee
Harry McCarthy Research Proposal for ‘Acting the boy’s part: the child player from script to stage, 1576-1642’ Professor Pascale Aebischer
Pauline McGonagle 'Disinheritance' and constructions of identity in the works of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Dr Florian Stadtler
Lucy Morse Democratizing the Landscape Professor Regenia Gagnier
Rachel Murray
Imola Nagy-Seres The Tremors of Sympathy: Affect Sharing in the Modern and Contemporary Novel Dr Kirsty Martin
Jim Porteous The representation of London and the court in city comedies performed by Children’s Companies 1604-06 Professor Pascale Aebischer
Abigail Rhodes Why does Gothic Literature hold such an enduring popularity? Professor Corinna Wagner
Sofia Romualdo De Carvalho Playing with heritage: a historical and practical investigation of gamification in the heritage museum Professor Gabriella Giannachi
Denise Ross Sacred wells: Understanding survivors of cultural change Professor Philip Schwyzer
Rocky Ruggiero Santo Spirito Professor Fabrizio Nevola
Teresa Sanders Alternative Forums, Subversive Identities: Education and Pedagogy in the Works of Sylvia Townsend Warner, 1926-1954 Professor Vike Martina Plock
Barbara Santi Representing local Cornish cultural identity: Community collaboration, archives and emerging documentary practices Professor Nick Groom
Jack Sargent Time and the Homosexual Individual: Homosexual Temporality, Memory, Nostalgia and Ageing in Victorian to Contemporary British Literature. Dr Kate Hext
Tamara Sharp Novel: 'The High Lonesome'. Critical essay: 'A grotto, a camera obscura and a convent: mapping a memoir via the sublime'. Dr Jane Feaver
Rebecca Shaw Borrowings and Returns: transcending the binary in contemporary literary successes in Singapore and Malaysia Dr Florian Stadtler
Anna Sowa The producer as creative force. Professor William Higbee
Bogna Starczewska Woody Allen and the European City: Representations of Globalisation and the American Tourist in Europe Dr James Lyons
Sabine Starmanns Deconstructing Middle Age: Sexuality, Representation and the Midlife Woman in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema. Professor Helen Hanson
Pichaya Waiprib Discovering Queer Victorians: Representations of Homosexuality in 19th-Century Britain and the Gothic Literature Dr Jana Funke
Philip Wallinder John Trevisa and the gospel of Nicodemus. Professor Eddie Jones
Charlotte White Ronald Duncan’s Rural Devon: Place and Identity in the West Country Professor John Plunkett
Lucy Whitehead
David Whitehouse Allegory in Toni Morrison's 'Beloved' Professor Regenia Gagnier
Paul Willis Sir Joshua Reynolds: Sketchbooks to Genius Professor Melissa Percival