"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" by Albrecht Durer

Famine and Dearth in India and Britain, 1550-1800: Connected Cultural Histories of Food Security

Project team

Principal Investigator

Dr Ayesha Mukherjee, Department of English, University of Exeter


Professor Amlan Das Gupta, Department of English, Jadavpur University

Research Fellows, School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University

  • Bonisha Bhattacharya (English, University of Delhi; Digital Humanities and Cultural Informatics, Jadavpur University)
  • Sarbajit Mitra (History, Jadavpur University)
  • Arshdeep Singh Brar (English, Jadavpur University)

Project Advisory Group

  • Prof. Ujjayan Bhattacharya (History, Vidyasagar University)
  • Prof. Sukanta Chaudhuri (English, Jadavpur University)
  • Prof. Henry French (History, University of Exeter)
  • Prof. Andrew McRae (English, University of Exeter)
  • Dr Lesa Scholl (English, University of Queensland)
  • Dr Sanjay Sharma (History, Ambedkar University)
  • Prof. Andrew Thorpe (History, University of Exeter)
  • Prof. Michael Winter (Politics, University of Exeter)

Digital Humanities Team

  • Kawshik Ananda Kirtania (Jadavpur University)
  • Richard Holding (University of Exeter)
  • Hannah Petrie (University of Exeter)
  • Tom Rosenbloom (to 2015) (University of Exeter)
  • Gary Stringer (University of Exeter)
  • Charlotte Tupman (University of Exeter)


"Famine" from Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, circa 1497-98. By Albrecht Dürer.